About us

CRIBIN The Company

CRIBIN is a Swiss company headquartered in Zurich. Our focus is on subletting domiciles in the major Swiss cities and tourist destinations via Airbnb. The service of CRIBIN also includes an all-round service for the landlords as well as the guests.

The history of CRIBIN

The founder and owner of CRIBIN is Carole Gächter.

After studying communication science at the University of Zurich, she has held leading positions at renowned Swiss companies and international corporations for the past 13 years.

Always interested in new projects in the digital environment, she had an early interest in Airbnb.

Through the experience exchange with Airbnb hosts and guests world-wide, the detailed idea of CRIBIN finally developed.

The Name of CRIBIN

The name CRIBIN stands for "where you feel at home" and is also a construct of the two words "CRIB" (Slang for Mansion) and "IN" for investment.


Thanks to CRIBIN, you can make money with your domicile during your absence or sub-let it successfully for longer. In the same way, we offer the guests an unforgettable stay in your domicile.

We combine a high degree of professionalism and a remarkable quality standard with hearty hospitality by local matadors. In this way we achieve an absolute satisfaction on both sides, on the landlord as well as on the guest side.

About Airbnb

The shared economy is booming and, above all, the Airbnb platform is experiencing great growth.

Thus already 300'000 guests in 2015 in Switzerland have used Airbnb overnight option. A doubling of this is expected for this year.

For the private hosts, this means a lucrative business which unfortunately goes hand in hand with an enormous effort. In addition, he / she has to be on the ground during the entire rental period in order to offer his / her guests the personal contact. For many simply impossible! With the offer of CRIBIN, these and other obstacles can be fully solved. All the details about our service can be found here.