Premium Package

  • The PREMIUM PACKAGE from CRIBIN is absolutely free of charge for you!
  • You have practically no effort, because we take care of everything: from the advertisement creation to the guest care to the final cleaning.
  • In addition, you benefit from our concept of an increased probability of sublease and additional insurance through Airbnb.
  • You can also book individual services with us, see INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE or supplement it with our ADDITIONAL SERVICES.

Services before subletting

  • Creation of representative pictures of your home
  • Capture all the facts worth knowing about the domicile
  • Advice on housing preparation
  • Creation of the Airbnb ad
  • Advertise the apartment on Airbnb
  • Post the ad on various social media and real estate platforms
  • Entire communications with potential guests in several languages
  • Careful selection of the guests
  • Secure storage of the apartment keys (coded without address details)
  • Written constitution of house rules
  • On request cupboard / drawer sealing provided by CRIBIN (3 pcs. Incl.)
  • Bonus: increased placement opportunities through international advertisements and flexible switching times

Services during sublease

  • Apartment check before guest arriving
  • Professional preparation of the bath towels
  • Guest Amenities provided by CRIBIN (shampoo, shower gel, earplugs, etc.)
  • Welcome gift and card for guests placed by CRIBIN
  • Key transfer to guest
  • Delivery of written house rules to the guest
  • Personal apartment guidance and instruction in the use of technical equipment, Internet, etc.
  • Introduction to the use of public transport, etc.
  • Full-time guest care during their stay in DE, EN, FR
  • Upon request connecting the guest with other CRIBIN guests
  • Individual advice on leisure activities
  • Facebook page with event tips for CRIBIN guests
  • City guiding by local matadors
  • Concierge Service
  • Discounts for CRIBIN guests in selected clubs, restaurants, etc.

Services after sublease

  • Check out of the guests
  • Complete cleaning of the Apartment
  • Create guest review for Airbnb
  • Communication with Airbnb
  • Detailed report for the client


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